Gen 1 to Gen 2 Update Service Gen 1 to Gen 2 Update Service

Gen 1 to Gen 2 Update Service

KRISS USA offers a service to update your GEN 1 Vector to current GEN 2 specifications. This service completely refurbishes your firearm to become a current Gen 2 Vector in every way and allows you to take advantage of all of the improvements made to the Vector platform.

Cost of Update Service

The average cost is $325-375, but actual cost will vary depending on the parts needed, amount of rework required, and any accessories requested.

Once our gunsmith team has been able to perform an initial inspection of your Vector, we will provide you with a service estimate. For any paid service requests, no work will be performed without your approval.

What is Updated?

The Gen 2 Vector, introduced in 2015, features a redesigned fire control group with a tactile ~5.5lb trigger, redesigned safety selector with a shorter throw for ease of use, and the internal components were updated for better functionality, compatibility, and reliability.

Please note that some Gen 1 features are no longer available; for example, prior to the introduction of the Gen 2 Vector, SureFire had discontinued their E1B light which the original integrated light mount was designed to accommodate, so this feature was not continued with Gen 2.

Stock Compatibility

When updating your Gen 1 Vector, you have the option of either the Gen 2 upper housing, which has the same proprietary hinge mount as the Gen 1, or the Gen 2.1's integrated AR buffer tube threading.

The current Gen 2.1 Vector, released in April 2017, features integrated AR buffer tube threading for direct mounting of an AR buffer tube without the need for an adapter, as well as an internal screw mount which accepts the ambidextrous side folding stock or the ambidextrous folding AR buffer tube mount.

The original Vector Folding Stock, which uses the proprietary hinge mount, is not compatible with the Gen 2.1 upper, and we do not manufacture an adapter for this mount.

Next Steps

If you wish to submit your Gen 1 Vector for this update, please contact us. A service ticket will be opened for you and further instructions will be provided.