Vector Stock Compatibility Vector Stock Compatibility

Vector Stock Compatibility

Upper with Integrated Hinge (Gen 1, Early Gen 2)

All Gen 1 Vectors, and Gen 2 Vector models manufactured prior to April 2017, featured a proprietary integrated hinge mount on the right side of the upper housing.


This integrated hinge mount was designed to mount the original Vector side folding stock.

There is no adapter produced by KRISS USA to mount any other stock onto this mount.

Upper with Integrated Threading (Gen 2.1)

The current Gen 2.1 revision, launched in April 2017, was an update to the Vector's upper to replace the proprietary integrated hinge mount with integrated buffer tube threading as well as an internal screw boss. This allows for greater compatibility with aftermarket parts.


This mount allows you to directly mount an AR carbine buffer tube to install your choice of the numerous AR butt stocks on the market for a fixed, non-folding stock, without the need for an adapter.

The optional Ambidextrous Side Folding Adapter is offered to allow for an AR carbine buffer tube-mounted stock to be folded to the left or right side of the Vector.

We also offer a dedicated Ambidextrous Side Folding Stock. This stock features three position length-of-pull adjustment as well as the ability to be configured to fold to the left or right side. No adapter is required for installation as this is a direct-mount solution.

Hinged Stock Adapter?

We do not manufacture an adapter to allow for the Vector Side Folding Stock to be attached to the Gen 2.1 Vector. If you wish to use this stock, you must use the older-style Gen 2 upper with the integrated hinge mount.

Fitting Gen 2.1 Stocks to Gen 1/Gen 2 Hinge Mount?

The ambidextrous side folding adapter and the ambidextrous side folding stock cannot be attached to the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Vector with the integrated hinge mount. These parts will only fit the Gen 2.1 Vector upper.

Stocks on Pistols

Please note that adding an item classified as a stock onto a pistol will reconfigure your pistol as a Short Barrel Rifle. An SBR is an "NFA item" and requires an approved $200 Tax Stamp with the ATF prior to construction.