How to Identify Vector Generation How to Identify Vector Generation

How to Identify Vector Generation

In an ongoing effort to continue to refine the Vector platform since its first introduction in 2006 and release in 2009, the Vector saw its first major revision in 2015 with the introduction of Gen 2. With Gen 2, the internal components were refined for better overall reliability and better compatibility with a wider range of ammunition specifications.

More calibers were also made available; Gen 1 is only available in .45 ACP, while Gen 2 added 9x19mm, 9x21mm, .40 S&W, and 10mm Auto.

The Gen 2.1 update in April 2017, was a change to the upper housing only and updated the stock mounting solution.

This article will also help you identify whether your Vector is a Gen 1, Gen 2, or Gen 2.1.

Both the Gen 2 and Gen 2.1 are considered to be "Gen 2".


Gen_1_Trigger.jpg Gen_2_Trigger.jpg
Gen 1 Gen 2
Trigger slides rearward, similar to a 1911 handgun trigger.
Note the design of the trigger.
Pivoting, tactile trigger.

The Gen 2 trigger features a lighter trigger weight with greatly improved tactile feedback compared to Gen 1.

Integrated Light Mount

Gen 1: integrated light receptacle in the forward end of the upper housing designed to accept a SureFire E1B light.

Gen 2: not present as SureFire discontinued the E1B.

Safety Selectors

Gen_1_Safety.jpg Gen_2_Safety.jpg
Gen 1 Gen 2

The Gen 2 Vector features short throw (45°) safety controls, compared to the original Gen 1 Vector’s longer 90° throw.

Stock Mounting

Gen_1_Hinged_Upper.jpg Gen_2.1_Upper.jpg
Gen 1 & Early Gen 2 Gen 2.1
Integrated proprietary hinge mount. Integrated AR carbine buffer tube threading, internal screw boss.

The Gen 1 and early Gen 2 integrated hinge mount will only accept the side folding stock designed for this mount and the discontinued non-folding AR buffer/pistol tube adapter.

Gen 2.1 allows you to directly attach a stock or arm brace mounted onto a standard AR buffer tube. You can also use our side folding adapter to allow an AR buffer/pistol tube to fold to the side, or install the dedicated Vector Ambidextrous Side Folding Stock.