Vector Silencer / Suppressor Compatibility Vector Silencer / Suppressor Compatibility

Vector Silencer / Suppressor Compatibility

Sound suppressors may be installed onto the KRISS Vector SBR, SDP and SMG models, which have a 5.5" or 6.5" threaded barrel. The rimfire Vector 22 CRB is also capable of using a sound suppressor.

The suppressor must either be designed for use with a fixed barrel or make use of a fixed barrel spacer. Contact your suppressor manufacturer for more information.

For best performance, we highly recommend using a direct-thread suppressor that is indexed against the muzzle, not the shoulder.
Make sure to follow all local and federal regulations regarding suppressor use and ownership.

Barrel Threading Specifications

Thread Specifications
Caliber Muzzle Thread
.45 ACP M16x1 LH
9x19mm 1/2×28 RH
10mm Auto 9/16×24 RH
.40 S&W 9/16×24 RH
.22LR 1/2×28 RH


Can the Vector CRB use a suppressor?

The centerfire KRISS Vector CRB is not intended for use with a suppressor and no threaded barrel is offered for this configuration.

Why M16x1 LH for .45 ACP?

The threading specification of M16x1 LH for .45 ACP is larger than the smaller standard of .578x28. The larger threading specification allows for a heavier barrel.

We do not recommend the use of an adapter to adapt .578x28 to M16x1 LH.