Removing Single Point Sling Mount from Gen 2.1 Vector Upper Removing Single Point Sling Mount from Gen 2.1 Vector Upper

Removing Single Point Sling Mount from Gen 2.1 Vector Upper

The Gen 2.1 KRISS Vector SDP features a quick detach single point sling mount for mounting a sling for retention.

Sling End 1.jpg

The single point sling mount's base is easily removed to replace it with a different accessory if needed.

Safety Procedures

Before you service your Vector, remove the magazine and confirm that the chamber is clear.

Compliance Notice

The KRISS Vector SDP is manufactured as a pistol (handgun). Installing a stock onto a handgun constitutes the manufacture of a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR), which is an NFA item, and requires an approved $200 tax stamp with ATF prior to construction.

It is your responsibility to maintain a compliant firearm.

Tools Required

  • 1.5mm allen key

Sling Mount Removal

Locate the pair of set screws on the underside of the upper. Loosen and remove both set screws using a 1.5mm allen key.

Sling End 2.jpg

Unscrew the base of the single point sling mount from the upper. It is standard threaded (anticlockwise to loosen).

Sling End 3.jpg

The upper is now ready to accept a new accessory. It features standard AR carbine buffer tube threading as well as a threaded insert for specific KRISS accessories.

Upper Mount.jpg

What About the Set Screws?

The pair of set screws that were removed are not required for use with either the KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock or the KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Adapter. These set screws only served as an anti-rotational aid for the single point sling mount. As the mounting screw for these accessories is offset, it is not possible for these to rotate once installed.

We recommend storing the set screws in a safe place for future use. They can also be reinstalled into the upper housing once the accessory of your choice is installed. Do not overtighten these set screws as they are only threaded into the polymer and will strip easily if overtightened.